Friday, September 14, 2012


According to this article, the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed topless.  She and William are "angry" according to the source.  However, I have a problem with people that are in the public eye that still think they have any semblance of privacy.

They don't.  Her privacy as she knew it is gone.  I don't know what they think when they decide to go galvanting around naked.  First, its Harry in Vegas and now her.  I don't think they completely understand that a precedent is set within their family that they must follow.  Although Prince Phillip also showed off his jewels as well.  (He was wearing a kilt) so maybe it runs in the family.

A friend of mine sent me the above article last night.  Its a discussion about a book written by Lenore Skenazy titled Free-Range Children.  I haven't read the book and am only basing my opinion off the article but the author advocates allowing children to have unsupervised play dates alone in parks.  The children do have phones though in case of emergencies.

I can see this issue from both sides.  I understand allowing children to have a sense of freedom within their daily lives but then again kids are not safe nowadays look at the case of Leibby Kletsky

Where is the happy medium nowadays for our children?


  1. Hi!

    I enjoyed this post. First with Kate...never saw the pics, and yes, I agree their privacy is gone. However, since I'm a lazy bum, were they in a private area when these were taken? If these were taken in a private setting, that sucks, but if not, well, don't go topless folks. you know that should just be a rule if you are famous: don't go topless or naked anywhere outside. Keep it indoors.

    As for the "let kids play by themselves"? I think there is a place and a time. There are a lot more people in the world which means a lot more of the cray-cray. I don't let my kids play out in the front yard without me or my hubs in the garage, sitting in a chair reading a book nearby. When we go to the park, I let them go off and do their thing. However, they have to stay close enough that if someone were to come up and try to grab them, I could sprint and beat the S@#t out of that person. Of course my children are 4 and 2. Now if they were 8 and older, I would probably let them play with the neighborhood children in the front yard without my supervision. And the thing with the phone? Who's to say that if someone tried to kidnap these kids, they wouldn't rip the phone right out of the kid's hands? Children need to experience independence, but up until a certain age, a parent should be in close proximity. at least until both you and the kid are confident enough to know that the child would know what to do if something dangerous or suspicious was about to occur.

    I know with that little boy he had been begging his parents to let him walk home from school alone. they finally let him and some crazeball takes him!! I'm not blaming the parents because they had said no several times but finally decided to let him do it. I can't even imagine what they are going through. I wish we lived back when we didn't have to worry so much as parents

    1. Hi Holly!

      Yeah. I saw the pics of Kate. They are/were on the internet if you know where to look. She was in a patio area in a bikini and decides to remove her top. You also saw William put lotion on her bum so you get to see her bum too.

      As far as the unsupervision of children. Kids get taken out of their own yards. Unfortunately in today's society I don't think any child is safe. That's why its so important to know who lives in and near your neighborhood and to teach your kids extra precautions. Look at the little girl a few years back who went to her friends house to play and was killed and stuffed into a suitcase by her friends mother.

      My children are going to have GPS trackers under their skin like dogs. At the rate i'm going, that science will probably be available when my kids arrive. LOL

  2. Sorry, I'm late to this discussion. However, I don't get the going topless thing then getting upset when u know photographers are likely waiting and lurking around every corner. Come On!